💥💥💥Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.💥💥💥
💥💥💥​Offers are always welcome.💥💥💥
💥💥First come first serve💥💥
💥💥No holds without a ​NONREFUNDABLE $100 deposit paid​.💥💥
💥💥💥​Will Hold For 7 Days💥💥💥

All horses are sold 'AS IS,' with no warranties, no guarantees, no refunds.

​​There is no guarantee of the age listed with each horse. Ages are based off of our best judgement from the appearance of their teeth or an age that was stated by the previous owner of the horse.

​​None of the horses have been checked by a veterinarian before being listed for sale.

​​A veterinarian check can be completed AT YOUR OWN EXPENCE before they sell.

​Circle Bar M Horses and More (LeRoy & Fallon Moore) are not responsible for any sickness, injury or death to any equine listed/sold or while under our care or after they leave our facility.

​Only Accept Cash, Bank Transfer, or Cashier's Check

​If you are unhappy with any horse, pony, or mule you purchase from us
​we are here to help the best we can.

​​You MIGHT be able to trade back the horse, as long as it is in the same or better condition as it was when sold, and if we have one that will work for what you are looking for, toward another of our horses.

​​Depending on which horse you trade back for, this may or may not be an even trade.

​​You will need to pay the difference.

​​We do not offer money back, but will try to make you happy the best we can.

​​​​Located in Bedford, IA